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Why should I use a Professional Travel Planner?

The money you spend on your vacation is an investment. Working with a Professional ensures it is taken care of properly. Our team of Agents are trained to guide you on making the best decisions for your family, budget, and expectations. 

What if I already booked my vacation but I’m overwhelmed and I want you to help me plan my trip?

No worries! As long as your trip was booked within 30 days and you have not paid in full, we can transfer your trip to Axis Travel Group and handle everything for you!

Can you help me coordinate airport transportation?

Yes, we have specialized companies that we work with to ensure you get to your hotel safely, as well as assisting with stroller and scooter rentals, and anything else you may need.

Do you offer payment plans?

Many times, yes! Most of our suppliers only require a small deposit paid at time of booking with the flexability to spread out your payments until your final payment is due.

What special benefits do we get using a Travel Agent?

Booking with a Professional Travel Planner gives you a gift that you simply cannot buy… the gift of TIME and peace of mind. Utilizing our planning services will save you hours and hours of research you will not have to do yourself. And working with an experienced agent ensures your trip is handled with care


Do you offer concierge services?

We absolutely do! Your ATG agent will be able to take care of every planning aspect of your trip to ensure it is effortless.

Can you book using my Florida Resident Rate or
Annual Pass Rate?

Yes, we can book using your Florida Resident or Annual Pass Rate, if offers are available!

Do you offer travel insurance?

Yes, we offer travel insurance through most of the suppliers

we work with. 


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